Stonehenge has been attracting visitors for millennia & today its attaction is no less diminished

Whilst many travel to the stones as tourists others do make the journey as a pilgrimage. Generally the focus of Managed Open Access is to witness the sunrise, make merriment or take part in a druid or other ceremony. The purpose of this website is to examine what people can do for themselves. It is logical that such a path would start with approaching Stonehenge from the original incoming avenue and then walk around the stones in a clockwise direction (to follow the course of the sun). In the book 'Pilrimage' by Simon Coleman & John Elsner they state that the act of walking all the way around a temple or shrine; 'ritually defines the sacred space and marks the fact that a pilgrim has arrived'. walking around the stones can therefore carry great meaning.


Tony Robinson walking up the Stonehenge Avenue (Walking through History)
Another focal point during Managed Open Access is touching the stones, with the outlying Heel Stone being one of the most popular