Self-Directed Rituals & Yoga

The path to being a Pagan is almost whatever you want it to be and this can stem from initiatory Druid orders and Wiccan covens, to more open groups and individual paths. Modern Paganism has three key principles: 1, Do as you will and harm none. 2, Concept of the god/goddess. 3, Reverance for nature. The act of people 'coming together in a circle' or 'acknowledging the circle as sacred' lies at the heart of ritual practice. Although Paganism has been described as a '...rainbow of revived, recreated and reinvented beliefs'. This need not matter. It is a case of examining how comparable rituals and folklore traditions can fit with Stonehenge here in the modern age. Performing your own rituals could be a way forward for solstice participants, as they are literally things you can do for yourself without having to join a group or take intoxicants. Please see list of suggested rituals below:

1. Aim to walk up the last section of the original incoming Avenue arriving at the Heel Stone
However, until a gate is installed in the Permissive Path fence

this walk will have to be undertaken outside of monument field

Incoming Avenue update - Copy

2. Walk clockwise around the main circle 'To follow the course of the sun' (Circumambulation)
Once the new grass land is established it is intended that people will walk around the outer edge of the Heel Stone,
as illustrated in this photoshopped image below;

Walking around the stones

3. Touch the Heel Stone with the open palm of your hands (MOA specific)
Whilst any stone can be touched during MOA, the Heel Stone is a major point of focus

 Heel Stone touch

4. Cheer the sunrise (MOA specific)
If the weather is clear ,sunrise can raise a collective cheer from the crowd with some people making a call of 'Hail the Sun'

Sunrise 2005 - Copy

5. Sunrise is also a great time to practise Yoga

Yoga Sun Salutations at Stonehenge

Notes: Please note these rituals can be performed relavitly quickly and the above list represents a general guide that can be interpreted in you own way. These rituals can also be performed all year round. Rainbow of revived, recreated beliefs - reference by Cole Moreton in the Guardian newspaper, 22nd June 2009, G2 Supplement, 'Everyone's a Pagan now' article, page 7