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  1. When Helen Ghosh said in the Telegraph;

     "We are  encouraged by the proposals put forward by Highways England for  consultation but it is very clear that there's still more to do."

    By saying 'more to do' does she mean the provision of a green land bridge near the western tunnel portal? I would say she does, following on from the National Trust's experience of A21 at Scotney Castle in Kent, although they are not saying that at the moment. Although the battle lines are still being drawn - this granny trick needs to be highlighted. They will say look we made a 'compromise', so hey lets get continue with the proposed timetable - even though in reality the scheme would still involve scarring a massive dual carriageway through a large section of the WHS.

    A21 Green bridge at Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent


  2. When the new Visitor Centre at Airman's Corner opened in December 2013 Simon Thurley the then Chief Excutive of English Heritage said;

    "I think this building is elegant, beautiful, and above all fit for purpose," he said. "I think it is a great work of art. But amazingly, it is also reversible: if somebody thinks we got it all wrong in 30 years, it could be dug up, taken away and rebuilt somewhere else, or crunched up and sold off as scrap – and the field would be again as it was."

    The tunnel however, would not be reversible!