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  1. The 'Permissive Path' running along the landscaped A344 is now open for use by walkers and cyclists, but not equestrians. This path has been created by erecting a new fence on the grassed over road about four metres south of the old road's northern stock boundary fence. The old fence will be removed in due course. It is a pity however, that English Heritage have not included a gate (or section of roll back fencing) between the Heel Stone and the Avenue.

  2. Re; The Stonehenge Tunnel go ahead....

    This quotation from Mark Treasure of  As Easy as Riding a Bike cycling infrastructure blog says it all in his post Polluted-Thinking

    'Increasing the amount of space for motor traffic – attempting to ease the flow of congested motor traffic – simply draws in more and more of that motor traffic, and more and more pollution. Expanding space for polluting private motor traffic, or attempting to smooth the flow of it, is the exact opposite of sensible policy. If we’re serious about tackling pollution (and congestion), we have to prioritise the modes of transport that solve the problem, not prioritise the ones that are responsible for it in the first place'

    Well said...